Squire Boone Caverns: The Largest Rimstone Dam in the World

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Beware: You should never explore wild caves alone or without proper gear. Consider getting in touch with a Grotto of the National Speleological Society at www.caves.org or a qualified cave club. These groups are skilled and will train you. Without sufficient knowledge, preparation, and equipment, cave exploring can lead to serious injury or death.

As an official stop on the Indiana Cave Trail, Squire Boone Caverns is highly recommended for serious cavers. This site features several unique rock formations, including the largest rimstone dam in any show cave in the United States.

The cave is characterized by numerous rushing streams and waterfalls, making its 1/4-mile tour more impressive than longer caves. A trip to Squire Boone Caverns offers a glimpse into the past, resembling the era of America’s westward expansion.

The presence of a fully restored grist mill and pioneer village near the cave provides visitors with an educational experience. The challenges early settlers faced in the harsh conditions of the frontier were not small by any means.

Currently in operation, the mill is on the Indiana Register of Historic Sites and Structures list. It was constructed circa 1804 and is located along the road leading to the cave entrance. The 18-foot wheel is driven by the stream flowing through the cave complex, emerging from the hillside.

An image shows the ancient mill at Squire Boone Caverns, still standing today.

History and Discovery

The caverns are named after Squire Boone, an American pioneer and explorer, the brother of the famous frontiersman Daniel Boone.

The two successfully guided the initial wave of American settlers through the Cumberland Gap. Then, they gradually traversed Kentucky and reached the elevated areas of southern Indiana.

Following his discovery, Squire and a small group including his brother Daniel mapped the caverns and actively promoted its remarkable features to the general public.

According to the narrative, the younger brother Squire sought shelter in this cave to escape from Native Americans chasing him during a raid.

While residing in the cave, he encountered its remarkable aesthetics and resolved to revisit it later for more extensive exploration.

Perceiving his successful escape from the Natives as a divine intervention, he deemed the land sacred and established his residence there with his wife, four sons, and their respective families.

In the initial stages of settlement, the family temporarily resided in a nearby cave while constructing the surrounding homestead.

The Squire Boone Tour

A notable aspect of this tour is the provision of receivers and headphones to all participants before departure. This facilitates the audibility of the tour guide for all participants, particularly those positioned at the rear of the group.

The tour commences at the rear of the visitor’s cottage, leading participants on a brief walk through the forest and up a hill to reach the cave’s entrance.

The concrete structure, featuring robust steel doors, resembles a Cold War-era bomb shelter. After traversing a sequence of doorways, we enter the initial portion of the cave known as the Lunar Terrace.

The current state of the creek bed resembles a moonscape, with miniature rimstone dams, craters, and ridges.

The lunar effect in the cavern formed over thousands of years. As the water gradually made its way down, mineral deposits accumulated on the cave floor. From this point, we proceed to traverse a steel ramp suspended above the Big Room.

Squire Boone Caverns: A Subterranean Realm of Natural Splendor

Exploring the Wonders of Caverns

Squire Boone Caverns exhibit a remarkable geological formation that provides a captivating experience, revealing the stunning beauty concealed beneath the Earth’s surface.

Upon entering this concealed domain, feel yourself transported to an enchanting realm. Remarkable geological structures, underground water passages, and a profound historical legacy tracing its origins to the 18th century, there’s simply nothing like this in normal daily life.

A glimpse at some of the massive natural cave formations inside Squire Boone Caverns is shown.

Geology and Formation

As it’s a limestone cave system, these caverns were shaped over an extensive period through the erosive action of water and the dissolution of limestone by carbonic acid.

Diverse formations such as stalactites, stalagmites, flowstones, and other distinctive rock structures, create a captivating visual display.

The gradual filtration of water through limestone leads to the accumulation of calcite, a mineral-rich in minerals, which gives rise to these complex formations.

Tourism and Preservation

Squire Boone Caverns has been a popular tourist destination since its discovery, appealing to diverse visitors. Over time, the cave system has been modified to cater to visitors while protecting its inherent beauty and fragile ecosystem.

Currently, visitors can partake in guided tours that navigate through well-illuminated pathways, ensuring accessibility for individuals across all age groups.

The guided tours allow visitors to observe the stunning stalactites and stalagmites while also providing significant insights into the cave’s history, geology, and the necessary measures for its preservation.

Unique Features

Squire Boone Caverns possesses distinctive characteristics that distinguish it from other cave systems.

The central chamber serves as the focal point of Squire Boone Caverns. The cave is decorated with remarkable stalactites and stalagmites, evoking a sense of awe and appreciation for nature’s artistic abilities.

In addition to its natural wonders, the cave system contains a variety of historical artifacts, such as Native American artifacts, remnants of early settlements, and signatures of previous explorers that date back several centuries. The relics provide a glimpse into the cave’s historical significance and the individuals who sought shelter there.

Of course, one of the biggest attractions is the colossal rimstone dam, pictured below with artificial lighting. Depending on how its size is estimated (it has not been accurately measured), it’s in the top 3 largest rimstone dams in the world, if not the largest.

It’s absolutely breathtaking to see this in person, and you must not miss out on your chance to do exactly that.

The massive rimstone dam of Squire Boone Caverns is shown with bright artificial lighting.

Other Attractions

In addition to its captivating underground features, Squire Boone Caverns offers a range of above-ground attractions that enhance the overall cave experience.

Visitors can explore the picturesque nature trails that meander through the adjacent woodlands, providing options for hiking, bird-watching, and picnicking.

In addition, the on-site village replicates the ambience of the 18th century, showcasing historical structures, craft exhibitions, and a range of shops selling locally crafted goods and souvenirs.

An image shows the rock shop where people can purchase various types of interesting stones at Squire Boone Caverns.

Conservation Efforts

The management places great importance on preserving the natural beauty and delicate ecosystem of Squire Boone Caverns. Conservation efforts include the systematic monitoring of visitor impact. Staff restricts access to vulnerable areas and adopt sustainable practices aimed at reducing ecological footprints.

In addition, the cave management actively engages in educational programs to raise awareness about cave ecosystems. As people learn the importance of preserving these geological wonders, we all ensure that they will survive for future generations.

An image shows one of the walkways inside the caves at Squire Boone Caverns.


Squire Boone Caverns exemplifies the remarkable geological processes that showcase nature’s gradual and aesthetically captivating creations.

This underground wonderland provides an unforgettable experience for visitors, with its remarkable formations and historical significance resonating throughout its chambers.

A trip to Squire Boone Caverns offers an enthralling and educational experience for everyone. Whether you consider yourself an adventurer, history enthusiast, or simply a nature lovers, you will love exploring these caverns.

Develop an appreciation for the intricate balance between human curiosity and the careful preservation of these remarkable underground treasures.

As always, take loads of pictures and feel free to share your experiences here!

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