The Best Caving Suits / Overalls: A Top 5 Review

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Beware: You should never explore wild caves alone or without proper gear. Consider getting in touch with a Grotto of the National Speleological Society at or a qualified cave club. These groups are skilled and will train you. Without sufficient knowledge, preparation, and equipment, cave exploring can lead to serious injury or death.

Looking for a new caving suit or overall for your next adventure? Here we have 5 caving suits for the professional cavers that guarantee authenticity and high quality. They offer reasonable protection against the harsh environment of the cave, and they are easy to get on and off too. If you are looking for more information before your purchase, check out this article first, to learn about what to look for when you are shopping for caving suits.

1. Red Kap Long Sleeve Men’s Suit

A Navy Blue colored Long Sleeve work suit, which can be used as a caving suit.

For a team visit or exploration, this suit from Red Kap is the best. This company always puts their workwear to the test. You will like their products and can rely on them for some of the most challenging adventures. More than 16 million Americans trust this brand, which is more than enough to trust its quality.

This suit gives you room to work with an ample range of motions.

It doesn’t matter whether you are climbing on a vertical surface or crawling in a tight pocket, you will enjoy easy movement and range of motions. The Red Kap Company has introduced ‘Touchtex Technology’ in this product that makes it breathable and stain-resistant.


  • It is a mixture of polyester and combed cotton.
  • The fabric releases oil, dirt, and soil easily and retains its original color.
  • You have quick access to your pockets and tool belt.
  • It is machine washable.


  • Pockets don’t have a zipper closure.

2. Dickies Deluxe Long Sleeve Caving Suits

A dickies full body long sleeve caving suit, in dark grey.

Dickies typically provide satisfied wearing with all their products, and with their deluxe long sleeve caving overalls, we think there is no exception.

It is available for both men and women but it is a bit stylish for ladies. Women will love their overall fitness and design. It makes them look decent and gorgeous, plus the color, particularly dark navy, complements their overall persona and makes people fall in love with them.

This deluxe long sleeve caving suit just signifies hard work. For that reason, some construction workers trust them too. Heavy-duty brass and multiple pockets give it sturdiness and functionality.

In other words, it delivers long-lasting comfort and classic style in every caving trip.


  • Offers a generous, roomy fit that accommodates all motions.
  • Has concealed snaps and brass zippers.
  • Ideal for female cavers.
  • Designed for utility, efficiency, and easy care.


  • The material feels a little stiff. If you need more flexibility, consider the comfort level of the material before you go caving.

3. Frogg Toggs’ Waterproof Caving Suits, Breathable Men’s Classic

Grey caving suit and black waterproof pants, made by Frogg Toggs.

This waterproof suit is from FROGG TOGGS.

It is 100% polyester and designed especially for the outdoors. If the caving area receives a lot of rain or if the cave you are planning to explore has a pond or slippery surfaces, you should buy this one. It is waterproof and has sealed seams that protect your body.

This waterproof rain suit has some other advantages also. 

For instance, the raglan sleeves give an utter sense of control and allow you to move in any way you want. It facilitates in both horizontal and vertical caving. Furthermore, it has elastic cuffs on wrists that keep your hand free and let them have a firm grip.

If you would like to view the female version, you can check it out here.


  • Waterproof, but affordable for waterproof suits
  • Great for all active, challenging adventures.
  • It has an open-waist design with cord locks.
  • Has a removable hood.


  • It doesn’t have a breathability feature.

4. Speleo Original Caving Suits by Splav Brand

Lime green caving suit by Splav Brand.

Though this suit is rather new in the market, it is already challenging other big brands. It is hard to define its features in a few words, but let’s try.

The first and the most important thing that stands out is that this suit is directly delivered from Russia, Moscow. The Outdoor-Equip shop handles all the deliveries worldwide and it has some other famous Russian brands too, such as Moscompass and Sivera. If you want to place your hand on a well-known international brand, this suit is definitely for you.

The features of this caving suit exceed your expectations. It is 100% nylon, however, you don’t find any PU coating inside. Most nylon suits have PU coating which assures the durability but this isn’t the case with this brand. They use Cordura 500d which is one of the best outdoor performance fabrics and made with high tenacity air-jet textured nylon.

Apart from this, the threads are from Liberty (Netherlands) which is another reason why this product wins the A++ ratings. The velcro is from Alfatex (Belgium) as well.

All major seam areas of this suit are also doubled for strength. It is well-made, fits well, and if you are buying from the Amazon, it is shipped fast.

Trust the quality of this suit; you will be very pleased.


  • It doesn’t restrict your movements in the cave.
  • Cordura 500d is used as a premium material.
  • It has two pockets under the ribs, which are not covered by harnesses.
  • The standup collar can be fastened with a handy lenticular button.


  • It is from the international brand Splav; it is tough to find any drawback in it.

5. Dickies Women’s Long Sleeve Caving Suits

Dark grey dickies women's long sleeve caving suit.

Looking for a strictly female option for your caving overalls?

Get this caving suit from Dickies. It is designed for women and has a very lavish look. This suit is available in different colors – Black, Dark Navy, Khaki, and Moss. All colors are breathtaking and look premium. If you are a woman, you will look like a model in this long sleeve 100% cotton twill coverall.

Women in industrial-type fields often prefer this suit. Since it is soft enough for all-day comfort. Besides, the snap closures and elastic waistband make it hug your body gorgeously. There are also two large back pockets for storing necessities.

Perhaps another advantage is that this suit is not just for caving; it can be a Halloween costume or, if you’re feeling adventurous, a lot more.


  • This Dickies women’s suit is available in many colors.
  • The fit is great and it even looks sexy.
  • The material is not too heavy.
  • It has a cinched back elastic waistband.


  • It has only two pockets; not enough for caving adventures.


Before you know what kind of gear to get, there are several factors to consider. All of these caving suits are known by cavers around the world as a quality product. This means that they are trusted and recommended even in the official level cave exploration. So, if you are ready for the crazy, caving adventure, buy the one that you think suits you and your style, and make your trip memorable.

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