The dangers of caving

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EnterTheCaves strives to provide useful information regarding caving and spelunking as a hobby. Content here includes miscellaneous information about caving sites, the use of caving equipment, and other topics for the purpose of education. By using this website, you acknowledge that caving comes with serious risks.

While commercial caves provide public tours, expert guides, and a relatively low risk and more casual experience, wild caves and underwater caves are significantly different.

EnterTheCaves cannot and will not be held responsible for any injury or loss, including death, which results from your caving experience. We cannot ensure that users are making the right decisions while preparing and executing a trip to any caving location. Thus, we urge you to treat this activity as a serious risk at all times.

Regardless of whether you are using information from this website or another website on caving, you, the user, acknowledge that caving, climbing, diving, mountaineering, or any other activities related to these fields are inherently dangerous. By participating in any of these activities, you assume all responsibility for your own well-being and those who accompany you.

It is the responsibility of any user of EnterTheCaves to obtain the guidance of experts, preferably through a local grotto of the National Speleological Society at www.caves.org, or a qualified cave club. There, you can receive the appropriate training and practice the techniques in a safe and controlled environment. Do not simply pick a wild cave and go explore it on your own. In addition, be mindful of your environment and respect the privacy and the other cavers, as well as any wild animals or other organisms that may live there.


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