The Best Caves in Arkansas, USA: Complete List

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Beware: You should never explore wild caves alone or without proper gear. Consider getting in touch with a Grotto of the National Speleological Society at or a qualified cave club. These groups are skilled and will train you. Without sufficient knowledge, preparation, and equipment, cave exploring can lead to serious injury or death.

When you’re done soaking up the rays on the hiking trails, you’ll want to learn a bit about the caves in Arkansas. Some of these underground attractions offer a unique experience and a natural beauty unlike anywhere else. Below are excellent options for cavers and curious onlookers throughout the state.

Bordered by six separate states, you probably don’t expect to find any special sea caves or cave diving opportunities in Arkansas.

But at one of the many caverns here, 400 feet below the surface lies a beautiful lake. You will learn all about this cave and more in this article.

Beckham Creek Cave

Rather than exploring its depths like with any other cave, this Beckham Creek Cave serves as a tranquil retreat. This is one of the only caves in Arkansas, or perhaps even in the country, where you go to relax, rather than get a workout.

Luxury vacationers can stay in the 5,800-square-foot Beckham Creek Cave Lodge, constructed inside a cave. It includes everything you need, including a kitchen, four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and even a landing pad for a helicopter. I know some of you have a helicopter, so this one’s for you.

While it is true that booking a stay here will not come cheap, if you and a large group of friends or family are looking for a once-in-a-lifetime trip, there is no better option.

An image of the luxurious lodge created inside Beckham Creek Cave.

Blanchard Springs Caverns

Blanchard Springs Caverns was closed in 2020 due to the pandemic. Since August 18, 2022, they’ve reopened to the public, and cave tours again began. Visitors to Arkansas love this show cave because of its three stories. The Dripstone Trail is one of several accessible tours that will take you through one of the caves.

The cave maintains a consistent 58 degrees Fahrenheit and is open all year. The staff is unsure if the Caroling in the Caverns trips will run again this year, but if you get the chance, you should definitely go.

The dazzling blue-lit walkway circles around the Blanchard Springs Caverns, a show cave in Arkansas.

Blowing Cave

Visit Blowing cave if you enjoy a good adventure. No guided tour would ever take you into this cave because of its wild nature. As early as the 1880s, people began using Blowing Cave, and the cave was a popular spot for locals to have parties and dances.

Paranormal activity, aliens, ghosts, and hidden passages inhabited by a mystery species called Blue People spawned rumors about the cave since at least the 1950s.

If you’d like to explore some of these rumors yourself, join the club! Many tourists find themselves coming back to Blowing Cave each year for the same reason.

A dimly lit inside view of Blowing Cave in Arkansas.

Bull Shoals Caverns

Have you ever considered having your wedding in a cave? Bull Shoals Caverns offers a crystal altar for those who feel drawn to perform such a ceremony within its walls.

You don’t have to invite any of the local salamanders, small pipistrelle bats, or camel crickets to your underground wedding in Bull Shoals, but they add to the ethereal allure of the venue.

Cosmic Cavern

As one descends into Cosmic Cavern’s depths, one truly feels like they have entered another universe. The cave is renowned for its two enormous lakes, known as “the bottomless lakes.” Their depths have not yet been fully explored, and much mystery still surrounds them.

The more daring spelunker can take advantage of the wild cave trips as well. During after hours at Cosmic Cavern, the cave is open for deep dives. Have fun but please, be safe!

A dark blue "bottomless lake" shown here, found inside Cosmic Caverns, one of the enormous caves in Arkansas.

Eden Falls Cave

Unlike many other caves, this one has no guided tours available. The cave is completely dark and has no established pathways; visitors must bring their own caving gear if they want to explore the cave.

The cave requires a 200-foot crawl into the main room, home to an underground waterfall and plenty of exploring space. Protective gear should be worn, such as helmets, gloves, and kneepads.

Moonshiner’s Cave

Moonshiner is the only man-made cave on this list. It was built out of bricks and is hidden beneath a bluff.

It may be more appealing to cavers who aren’t used to the darkness because it isn’t as claustrophobic as other of the more popular caves, known for their deep, meandering passages. But at the same time, there isn’t a lot of adventure associated with this one.

Mystic Caverns and Crystal Dome

Although they are only separated by around 400 feet, these two caves in Arkansas each have their own unique set of incredible sights.

Plan a day trip to see both, as the pipe organ calcite rock creation in Mystic Caverns is breathtaking, and the Crystal Dome, which is 70 feet tall and contains a gorgeous bell-shaped collection of crystals, is like visiting an underground cathedral. It’s everything you need for some raucous merriment below ground.

Mystic Caverns, one of the longest-running cave excursions in Arkansas, abruptly shut down in November of 2021. Cave owner Steve Rush had been seeking to sell the establishment for a while before it was abruptly closed. There has been no indication of when the cave will reopen or if it has sold.

An image shows the massive room at Mystic Caverns where stairs and railings steer visitors through it.

Old Spanish Treasure Cave

Golden treasure, lost by Spanish conquistadors centuries ago, is said to be hidden in this cave. In addition to panning for precious stones and watching a film on the cavern floor, tourists can tour the cavern itself. It’s an oppportunity to learn about why the lost treasure is thought to be hidden here.

A view of the inside of Old Spanish Treasure Cave in Arkansas, with some open space and large rock pillars surrounding it.

Onyx Cave

A great attraction in Eureka Springs is Onyx Cave. In addition to walking the accessible trail inside the cave, visitors can dig for jewels, hone their ax-throwing talents, and release some steam in the smash lab. This is an unusual activity that the whole family may enjoy together. Guided by radio, tours of the cave take around 30 minutes to complete. You’ll find it at 338 Onyx Cave Lane in Eureka Springs.

Attractions in Onyx Cave Park revolve around the park’s namesake cave. Visitors take an easy stroll through elaborate caverns with unique rock formations while hearing fascinating tales of the cave’s history. For example, it was once used as a fallout shelter during the Cold War.

An image shows Onyx Cave of Eureka Springs in Arkansas, where various formations have been fenced off.

War Eagle Cavern

War Eagle Cavern is distinguished from similar caverns by its natural entrance. Follow the course of a hidden stream as you make your way through the cave’s spectacular underground formations and caverns.

Tours depart every 20 minutes and are around one hour long. As you investigate the Moonshiners Mystery Shack, keep your eyes out for bats and salamanders. Tours with lanterns and tours of wild caves are offered with prior booking.

War Eagle Cavern is shown in this image, with a wide array of natural stone formations filling the image.


Several fascinating caverns in Arkansas attract tourists from all over the world. Arkansas’ caves range from breathtakingly beautiful at Blanchard Springs Caverns to thrillingly challenging at Mystic Caverns.

Specialists say there could be hundreds more unmapped caves in the state. As more caves continue to reveal themselves, we will add them here, so make sure to check this article for updates.

Exploring the caves in Arkansas is a must for everyone seeking adventure and natural wonder, regardless of whether you are a seasoned caver or a newbie to the underground world.

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