The Most Popular Gloves for Cavers and Climbers: Official Review

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Beware: You should never explore wild caves alone or without proper gear. Consider getting in touch with a Grotto of the National Speleological Society at or a qualified cave club. These groups are skilled and will train you. Without sufficient knowledge, preparation, and equipment, cave exploring can lead to serious injury or death.

A good pair of gloves not only protects the hands of professional cavers but also the caves from the cavers. They are layered with some serious materials that keep your hands dry and incredibly effective. They assist you in comfortably using your fingers while exploring the deep, wet formations of the caves. And when it comes to scaling vertical caves, climbing gloves are essential for a safe and comfortable trip.

For caving adventures, warm hands are essential.

Warm hands prevent the numbing and tingling that many cavers experience. Therefore, buying a good pair of caving gloves is especially important. They guard your hands against becoming cold and calloused, which is quite common when you opt for vertical climbing.

However, caving gloves have some other exceptional benefits as well, such as:

  • Better grip on the slippery rocks.
  • Decrease muscle and hand fatigue.
  • Protect your hands in a fall.
  • Shelter hands against the bruises.
  • Prevent sweat from the heat.

None of us want to think about unfortunate situations, and luckily they rarely happen in show or tourist caves, but wearing gloves lessen the impact and keep you protected in all conditions.

Take a look at these caving gloves and get prepared for that caving adventure!

Best Overall
Intra-FIT Climbing Gloves

These gloves are an excellent choice if you plan on doing some climbing and dealing with ropes. 

Contains: 65% goat skin, 25% polyester, 8% Neoprene, 2% Lycra


What customers say:

?They withstand wear and tear well. They also feel secure as I am wearing them.

?I used them for 2 weeks in a rope class and confined space class and the gloves still feel like new.

  • Premium grain goat skin for the perfect balance between durability and dexterity
  • Palm is padded to protect from heat generated from long rappels.
  • Stretchable spandex for breathability.
  • Built-in carabiner hole on cuff allows attaching the gloves to harness.
  • Not meant for rainy weather
  • Can get hot during extensive use.
Best Budget
Black Diamond Crag Half-Finger Climbing Gloves

These half-finger climbing gloves by Black Diamond feature a synthetic leather palm and a breathable mesh fabric for all kinds of outdoors work, climbing included.


What customers say:

?They are easy to put on, comfortable and easy to grip things. 

?We're over two months in, and they are nicely broken in, and not even beginning to come apart. These are my work gloves for life.


  • Half-finger option allows you to touch screens normally.
  • Provides good padding, and feels comfortable.
  • The synthetic leather makes them durable.

  • The material feels a bit itchy to some.
Best Durability
Black Diamond Stone Goat Leather Climbing Gloves

Black Diamond offers these durable leather gloves to aid climbing, belaying and rappelling. 


What customers say:

?Just the right balance of durability and pliability.

?Held up great and are one of my go-to pairs.

?Worth every penny.



  • Goat leather
  • Reinforced leather palm and knuckle patches with Kevlar stitching
  • Hook-and-loop cuff closure
  • CE certified to EN 420 and EN 388 (2142)

  • Extra padding in the palm can make it a bit uncomfortable dealing with rope.


Be sure to check out the sizing guide before purchasing any pair of gloves to ensure long-term satisfaction and functionality. Buying the correct size is critical to the functionality and durability of caving gloves. A close fit will work far better in the event of an accident. All these attractively-priced gloves are lightweight and provide a tight and comfortable fit. From the toughest winter days to monsoon seasons, they work in all weather conditions and keep your hands warm and safe. And don’t forget to share your personal preferences below if you went with one of our top picks!

If you’d like to know more about what features to look for in your caving gloves, check out our Official Caving Gloves Buying Guide.

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