Knee Pads Review: Choose One of These when Caving

A group explores Mammoth Cave, wearing knee pads and full caving gear.
Check out that heavy duty knee protection on this gentleman. He knows not to take chances!
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Beware: You should never explore wild caves alone or without proper gear. Consider getting in touch with a Grotto of the National Speleological Society at or a qualified cave club. These groups are skilled and will train you. Without sufficient knowledge, preparation, and equipment, cave exploring can lead to serious injury or death.

We knew we had to do an official knee pads review after seeing some cavers without any knee protection. People might think they can go without them, but why risk it? Your knees carry much of your bodyweight; they are essential to many everyday activities and provide support to your overall body movement. When it comes to caving, they play a significant role. It doesn’t matter whether you are jumping or crawling – your knees routinely face the most pressure in providing stability and mobility. On uneven surfaces and for vertical climbing, they allow your legs to bend and straighten and give you flexibility you need to conquer the cave safely.

Therefore, you should take maximum care of your knees and consider getting a comfortable pair of knee pads. But with the wide variety of brands in the market, it can be tough to make an informed decision. So we prepared this knee pads review article today to save you some head-scratching and unnecessary stress.

Below is our official review of some top-rated knee pads that survive maximum pressure and perform well on hard surfaces, like you’ll find inside caves. Some are suitable for all sorts of activities, but they must also be comfortable enough for crawling, climbing, and more. Perhaps most importantly, they should last a long time, so you can rely on them for numerous trips.

Note: Most products are for all ages and sizes, but some brands create gender-specific products. Products that are designed particularly for women are smaller in size and different in shape, whereas products for men are often stronger. Men’s knee pads are sometimes known as aggressive knee pads because of their extra protection and accommodation for heavier bodies.

NoCry Heavy Duty Foam Padding Pads With Clips

NoCry Professional Work Knee Pads with Adjustable Straps, Durable Clips, an Industrial Strength Hard Shell, Heavy Duty Foam Padding and a Comfortable Protective Gel Cushion

This is a battle-tested pair, designed in a manner that makes you feel quite strong. The foam padding focuses particularly on your knee region and cushions them for hours while protecting them against harsh cuts and scrapes. It is kind of like a heavy-duty thick poly shield that acts as an armor and makes you feel good at the same time.

This product is also great for those who deal with sore knees. The gel cushion and foam padding become a mini set of pillows and ensure that even after a whole day of caving, your knees aren’t tired or fatigued. 


  • These pads stay in place while walking or climbing.
  • They have top-rated strength and durability.
  • Only requires simple maintenance to stay as good as new for years.
  • Floor safe; won’t damage hardwood floors.


  • Lack of ventilation is perhaps the only drawback of this product.

Thunderbolt Store Knee Pads With Double Gel Cushion

Knee Pads for Work by Thunderbolt for Construction, Flooring, Gardening, Cleaning, Tile Heavy Duty with Double Gel Cushion and Anti-Slip Straps

Looking for an award-winning product? Place your hands on the Thunderbolt.

Without a doubt, these pads are an easy choice for most cavers. They are easy to put on, relax on your knees, and greatly reduce the knee pain, especially if you have knee pain-related issues. You won’t believe how much better your knee is doing after using them.

When you look at their design, it looks different too. Its mounting bands are placed above and below your knee joints to provide superior protection. The flat front design particularly handles flat surfaces and assists in crawling in tight pockets of the cave.


  • You have a fully adjustable fastening system feature.
  • They are great for crawling.
  • The Thunderbolt Company has introduced Ballistic Nylon in them.
  • The straps are super strong and perfect for all jobs.


  • They aren’t great for thin legs.

Premium Knee Pads From Minor Miracle Home Solutions

Premium Knee Pads For Men and Women (Knee pad for Work, Gardening, Construction & Flooring) Extremely Comfortable, Heavy-Duty Kneepads

These knee pads are for both men & women.

If comfort is your top priority, this premium product is for you. It provides an unrivaled level of comfort with top-notch ventilation and breathability. These knee pads feature a durable, plush construction of entirely EVA foam and thick poly-shield. They are quite thick, though, compared to others. Try them on first – they may be too bulky for some body types.

The design and durability of this product aren’t only for cavers. From gardening to hardwood floor installation, these have great performance. If you have an active lifestyle, you will thank us a million times.


  • It provides premium knee safety for all workers and cavers.
  • You don’t feel any stress or impact on hard surfaces.
  • The two straps ensure a snug fit and make it great for both small and large legs.
  • These are good knee pads for kids too.


  • The plastic part of the pad is quite thick.

HPHST Store Knee Pads With Heavy Duty Construction

HPHST Professional Knee Pad for Work Gardening Workout Roller Skating with Heavy Duty Foam Padding Gel Construction Comfortable Adjustable Black

These heavy-duty knee pads are used by professional roller skaters.

They are remarkably strong and will survive the hits during climbing or crawling situations inside the caves. Calling them a jack-of-all-trades would be correct as their features exceed all the expectations. From breathability to protection, these are amazing. Due to their size, they are suitable for seniors also.

The most prominent feature of this product is the thick and strong stretchable straps; they keep the pads wrapped around your knees firmly.


  • These pads have a soft gel core material.
  • They have a non-slip feature.
  • The PVC Caps protects you on all kinds of terrains.
  • HPHST Store designed them for sports players.


  • You have a sensible amount of protection in every way; no drawbacks in them.

Anikea Kids Protective Knee Pads With Optimized Velcro And Straps

Kids Protective Gear, Knee Pads Elbow Pads Wrist Guards 3 in 1 Set.

If you are searching for good knee pads for kids, the Anikea brand is for you.

Their pads fit small knees perfectly and are promoted as multi-sports gear set. Apart from caving, if your kid is interested in biking, riding, or skateboarding, this set will protect him/her during all of those activities.

The thing you are going to love is it comes with wrist guard and elbow pads. Both have great quality and their shell can stand against strong external pressure. Once you buy this set, your kid will always get ready to be safe every time they go on an adventure.


  • Makes a nice birthday gift set for kids.
  • The set is even great for toddlers.
  • The Velcro edges aren’t too tight and keep kids comfortable.
  • It has a ventilated fabric that keeps the skin cool.


  • The only drawback is they aren’t for teenagers; designed specifically for kids.


While gathering your equipment for your caving expedition, you will surely think of your budget from time to time. However, knee pads are rather inexpensive. So it’s worth it to try multiple pads to check which one gives you the perfect fit and freedom of movement.

All of the knee pads we recommended above in our review are top-rated and used by professional cavers, mountaineers, and climbers. They have several essential features that help you in protecting your knees and give maximum support on challenging surfaces in a very convenient manner. So while you may be tempted to cut corners on some of your caving gear, spending money on the right knee pads will pay off in the long run. After all, caving is still a sport, and you shouldn’t perform any strenuous physical activity without the right equipment. To learn more about what you should bring with you on your caving expeditions, check out this guide for essential caving equipment.

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